The most successful relationships are forged on trust, but trust doesn’t just happen. It is built through the use of very specific behaviors (words and actions) that anyone can learn and master over time. However, the results of a 2016 Edelman Global Trust Barometer survey of more than 33,000 people around the world shows that only 27 percent of leaders were seen as upholding trustworthy traits.

Here are four important traits that will earn you faith from your team:

1. You do what you say you will.

Nothing promotes trust more than keeping your word. In situations when things change, maintain open communication with your team about the revised plan so they are clear on how you will uphold your promise. Sharing information and transparency are paramount.

People trust you when you have a track record of reliability. That means you follow through on your commitments and deliver results.

2. You are consistent.

Predictable and consistent behavior is essential for being a trustworthy leader as is steadily producing quality work. Leaders who act, and react, in a consistent manner and make decisions in alignment with organizational values capture the respect of their employees.

3. You are humble and honest.

Trustworthy leaders are humble leaders. Humbleness does not equate with being meek, but rather is strength under control. Leading with humility means you consider the needs of your people more important than your own.

An honest leader tells the truth, admits mistakes, and makes ethical decisions. Honesty is the foundation of integrity and if your team can trust your word they will repay you with admiration.

4. You routinely express gratitude.

Everyone needs to hear that their work is valued. Praising and recognizing team members, and being genuine and kind is in high demand. Do not underestimate the power of “thank you.”

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