General Description:

This person will be required to install service bodies, platforms, dumps and van packages, hoists, electrical components and circuits. Fabricate as needed.


Position Expectation Statements:

This person will need to read work instructions and installations directions, gather materials, properly build the equipment, and test its performance before delivering the unit to a final product audit.


Essential Functions:

  1. Ability to read schematics, diagrams and blueprints.
  2. Work safely in a production environment wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required.
  3. Regular and predictable attendance.
  4. Complete production requirements in a timely and proficient manner.
  5. Ability to handle stress and interact with others.
  6. Strong mechanical background with working knowledge of hydraulics, 12 volt electrical systems and assembly.
  7. Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
  8. Able to provide own tools.
  9. Positive attitude and willing to learn.
  10. Install capabilities on the following: Platforms/Dumps, Hoists/Standard Hydraulics, Service Bodies, Box Vas and KUV’s.
  11. Progressive assembly line capabilities.


Preferred Functions:

  1. Previous experience working on automotive electrical systems and hydraulic systems
  2. Previous work in an assembly environment
  3. Previous experience in the truck equipment industry or similar industry
  4. Previous experience working against timed job standards and a proven record of being able to meet completion standards
  5. Formal mechanical training or certifications (ASE or other)
  6. Welding experience – MIG, TIG
  7. Metal Fabrication experience
  8. Attention to detail in every aspect of the job
  9. Able to maintain a neat, clean and organized work area.


Equipment, Tools Used to Perform the Essential/Preferred Functions:

  1. Hand tools – pneumatic and battery operated
  2. Welder
  3. Cutting torch
  4. Overhead Cranes
  5. Grinders
  6. Plasma Cutter

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