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Amy and the One Less Orphan Fund

Amy is partnering with Gladney on the One Less Orphan Fund. The hope is to raise money for those looking to rescue orphans. Visit for information about the upcoming Gala in Highland Park, TX. Read about the Clary family adoption story and Amy's book!

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5 Signs Your Company Culture is in Danger

Company culture seems like a catch phrase these days, but it is more than just words. It is the breath of your company and encompasses all the people who bring your vision and values to life. You don’t need to hire someone to give you feedback on your culture. Look around. What kind of atmosphere [...]

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What Employers Need to Know About The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established ongoing employer requirements with varying compliance deadlines. These responsibilities differ based on details including your business' size and funding type. The main question we are currently facing with regards to the ACA is what is the impact of the president’s first executive order on employers. In an article posted [...]

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The Power of Thanks and Four Roadblocks To Gratitude

You have likely heard the saying that a little thanks goes a long way, but do you factor appreciation into your workplace? Thanks, merci, gracias - any way you say it, gratitude matters. Motivation experts agree that simply saying "thank you" is one of the best ways to let team members know that they are [...]

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