At KeyStaff, we spend our marketing dollars on highlighting amazing people and charities that are helping the world.

Our Dallas Team worked tirelessly to put together an event called Omelets for Orphans last Thursday. The event raised over $6K and had 13 kids sponsored in Kenya for food and education….a huge success for year one. Big kudos and special thanks to the Awake Restaurant that donated their facility, staff and all of the food for the event.

Another way we give back is through KeyStaff Gives. We have incorporated it into our website now so you can follow and see what amazing and well vetted organizations we’re partnering with in our new blog. You can check it out by going to or by clicking the link below.

Below are some pictures of the Omelets for Orphans event. If you’d like to partner with us in future events to bring positive change to the world, we’d love to chat with you about it.

And, if you have any staffing needs, we’d love to be your “go-to” staffing agency.

Please email me at so we can continue to do great things!