Do you often catch yourself complaining about work or getting caught up in the negative aspects of your job? Other than sleeping, most of us spend a majority of our time working so it makes sense to adjust our attitudes about work.

Whether you love, dislike or feel neutral about your job, these four tips can help you enjoy your job a lot more.

Surround yourself with positive people. There are always people who see the worst in their situation and speak negatively about everything – their boss, the company, other employees, and the work. The deliverer of negative news is unhappy. But, did you now, hearing all the negatives can make it difficult for you to see the positives and will ultimately make you feel worse about yourself and your job? Spending time with coworkers who have a more balanced view can shift your emotional response to your job and in turn you will be happier.

Talk to yourself differently. Self-talk is very important when it comes to enjoying your job. Maybe you have been unhappy because you were passed up for a promotion. Your self-talk might be “Why should I even be here?” Sure, it might be upsetting, but shake it off and make your self-talk about what you can control. Telling yourself that you are good at what you do will help lift you up and perhaps put you in a better position for future opportunities.

Learn something. Sometimes, not being happy at work comes down to being bored.  If you can do your job on auto-pilot or finish early and then have nothing more to do then it’s no wonder you are not happy. Most people are happiest when they are engaged and slightly challenged. Think about what you might learn that would make your job more interesting and make you more useful to your company: learning new skills or acquiring new knowledge can increase both job security and job satisfaction.

Work harder. This may seem silly, but it’s part of making work a bit challenging. You may feel like just punching the clock, but chances are you will get more satisfaction out of excelling at your work or helping others around you. Are there other things at work you’d like to try? Talk with your boss. You may find that your employer would be open to your doing some of those things.

Taking more control over your work experience and trying to find more satisfaction at work can have a positive impact. With these 4 tips, you can change the way you feel about your job, starting today.