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Are your company’s pay rates* keeping up with the market? Did you know that, on average, receptionists in Austin were making an hourly wage of $13.36 and general maintenance and repair workers in Houston made $18.08 per hour in 2016? Knowing your market matters, and compensation is ever-changing so top-performing companies should revisit their strategy often. According to, 47% of companies reference market data more frequently than annually. Find out more about the jobs you are hiring for to stay competitive in our booming economy and retain great employees.

We looked up a few occupations to offer a quick comparison of median** pay rates in major Texas markets:

Customer Service Representatives:
Austin ($14.81), DFW ($16.06), Houston ($15.42), San Antonio ($14.51)

General Laborers:
Austin ($11.56), DFW ($12.17), Houston ($12.46), San Antonio ($11.96)

Payroll Clerks:
Austin ($20.01), DFW ($21.38) Houston ($21.72) San Antonio ($17.72)

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Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information on employee wage estimates.

*Information dated May 2016 – gathered from the latest stats available through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

**Median was used to in order to show central tendency since it is better suited for skewed distributions.