Many offices have diversity and inclusion staff or departments dedicated to reducing biases in the workplace. When it comes to biases and hiring, managers should work to simplify and standardize the process. If you de-bias your hiring practices then your organization is off to a good start.

Here are five strategies to reduce bias in the hiring process:

1. Revise Job Descriptions

Word choices have an effect on who applies for various jobs. According to research, masculine language, including adjectives like “competitive” and “determined,” deters women. Words like “collaborative” and “cooperative,” however, will draw more women than men. There are software programs that highlight stereotypically gendered words so you can replace them. Or you can try using a balance of adjectives. The key is to be aware of the bias and work to change it.

2. Review Resumes Blind

Remove the distraction of demographic characteristics. There is software for this too. Reviewing blind will allow you to focus on your candidate’s specific qualifications and talents and will help you improve your chances of including the most relevant candidates in your interview pool.

3. Give a Work Sample Test

Ask candidates to take a work sample test. They are excellent predictors of future job performance and level the playing field by allowing you to compare candidates based on a task.

4. Standardize Interviews

Unstructured interviews without defined questions feed into bias. Structure interviews by asking candidates the same set of defined questions to help minimize bias. You can further standardize by developing an interview scorecard that grades candidates’ responses to each question on a predetermined scale.

5. Rank Likeability

To avoid hiring someone simply because you connect with them the most on a personal level, try scoring likeability. Some people feel that it does matter whether you like the person you hire so by rating candidates as you may on their other skills during the interview it allows you to control the likeability factor and lets it serve as a portion of your decision rather than the main reason for a hire.

Candidates are often unconsciously judged based on appearance, gender, age, and even personality. Implement the strategies above to move towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace and call on KeyStaff to help with your staffing needs. Remember that KeyStaff is here to help take the work out of hiring.

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List compiled from article on SHRM