How Busy People Maintain Stamina Through the Holidays

Managing work deadlines, developing employees and juggling all the other tasks that come your way can be exhausting. You likely have a lot going on already in your work and personal life and your time becomes even more stretched during the holidays. Here are ways to maintain your energy through the end of the year.


This may sound silly or obvious, but sleep is crucial to staying healthy. Pull yourself away from your laptop and take a little time to relax screen free before bed. Make to do lists to help clear your head so you can go to bed without worrying about the next day’s duties.


Even if this means taking a 15 minute break to walk around the office building or doing some stretches while watching the news – make time for exercise to help with your stamina.


Whether it’s holiday tunes, jazz or a little pop, listening to music we enjoy helps us relax and often puts some extra pep in our step. It is easier to get things done when we are in a good mood.


The end of the year at work may keep us busier than ever, but it is still important to plan for some fun activities. Knowing you are working extra hard to finish with some time off or to enjoy a New Year’s Eve party is enough of a reward to help keep us focused and help with holiday endurance.

The holidays can be stressful, but with a little effort you can maintain your work life balance and stay happy and energized through the new year.