I love to travel and with traveling comes souvenir shopping.  And, I love that too.  But, mostly, I love to buy things from folks with great customer service who work hard and make an honest living.  I also love to support economies (even if it’s just in a very small way) when I go abroad.  So, when I bought 1000 of these bobble heads (in some cases bobble tails or arms) from this sweet lady in Mexico, I thought of you.  I thought of how wonderful she was to me and how I always work to provide amazing customer service to our clients.

At KeyStaff, we strive to have the best customer service in the industry.  We want you to choose to work with KeyStaff and enjoy the experience.  Working with your staffing provider may not be like vacationing in Mexico, but hopefully, it’s a great experience.

I’d love to meet you.  I’d love to give you great customer service and quality candidates.

If you’re looking for a staffing partner, look no further.  Imagine the look on this lady’s face when I told her I wanted 1000 of these bobble heads.  That is how excited I’ll be to hear from you!  😊


Here to serve,

Amy Clary, President

KeyStaff, Inc.