The time leading into summer can be difficult because of additional seasonal demands and employees taking vacations and asking for greater scheduling flexibility. But, summer staffing doesn’t need to be stressful.

A staffing agency can help with recruiting so you and your team can focus on other business or take a needed break yourselves.

Here are a few reasons to turn to professional recruiters to help hire employees as the temperature rises.

Fast. Are you scrambling to find staff? An agency like KeyStaff has immediate access to talent. You can save time on job postings, screening time and follow-up interviews, and recruiters can often have staff lined up and ready to report to work within a couple of days.

Affordable. When you partner with a staffing agency they take on many of the hiring responsibilities such as advertising, screening, interviewing and onboarding. Plus, as the employer, the staffing agency manages payroll, unemployment tax, health insurance, injury reports and employee benefits. This not only cuts down on time, but is also a huge cost savings to your company.

Flexible. Whether you need help covering staff vacations, or hiring for a seasonal peak or special project it may not make sense to hire full-time employees. A staffing agency can provide temporary or contract help. Once the seasons change or a project is completed your staff can go back to normal or you may find that there are permanent roles you’d like to offer certain employees.

Beat the heat and leave the stress of summer staffing behind. Put good recruiters to work and you’ll find that working with a group like KeyStaff will provide an immediate, cost-effective short- or long-term staffing plan.