Are you wanting to update your resume or do you have one you have been sending around with little to no response? Don’t toss it out. You may very well have good information that just needs a little retooling. Below are ways to take that dusty resume from good to great.

Make every word count – Once you have completed the content of your resume look it over again. Could you say something in fewer words? Are there similar duties listed within one section that could be combined? By refining your words you make room for the most important content and create a more streamlined resume that employers will appreciate.

Incorporate key words – Take your resume to the next level by incorporating some of the key words from the job posting you are interested in. Setting aside a little time to revise your resume for different positions will pay off. Are you getting that words are critical?

Reorder if necessary – When laying out your resume you should make sure your most applicable qualifications stand out. Generally, you should order your work experience by date, but if something you did a while ago perfectly suits the job you are applying for then put it first. Try categorizing the more relevant work as “related experience” or “highlighted experience” and allow the rest of your work experience to go under a different category.

Use specific examples – Clearly show achievements from previous work by giving details. Did you work in an auto shop and help decrease the amount of unreturned stock by staying on top of inventory? Use numbers that support how much your work helped cash flow. Were you very efficient at deliveries? Say how many deliveries you did in a day versus the average. By using numbers and specifics you will show your value and set yourself apart from other candidates.

Finally, one last review never hurts. Have a friend look over your resume for you or try reading it out loud – we often catch mistakes that would have been overlooked had we just scanned the pages.